New Year, New Tech

Once I deteremined to integrate technology in my classroom I was quite aware of where my starting point was, but surely couldn’t imagine where it would lead me to.  At the beginning, I was really into blogging with my students, and I still am, but I am increasingly interested in the benefits of flipped learning and seeing how it impacts the daily life of the classroom.

So, I am finding it hard to identify one single piece of technology. It is really a combination of tools that I am really looking forward to using. That would be Screencast-o-matic, or Jing for creating videos and YouTube or Vimeo for publishing them. Also, Thinglink is a presentation tool which might fit well for delivering the online content.

I think the flipped classroom is the perfect setting for a language learning environment. I teach English and I’ve realised over the last years that much as I try to use time wisely in class, I end up spending -not wasting- potentially precious classroom moments in lecturing or going through content that, not only could be done online, but would probably have a more significant effect on the learners. I am very curious to see how the classroom atmosphere benefits from students preparing the class at their own pace, rewinding when necessary, going through the “getting started” activities as many times as necessary.

I hope learners welcome it with a positive outlook. I know that for many of them it might be a little struggling at first, because they do have to change the way they are used to learning. Somtimes they adopt a very passive role and might unintentionally simply rely only on what is taught in class.

Some articles and resources that I have found very useful lately are:

What’s the Difference Between a Flipped Classroom and Flipped Learning?

6 Tips for Flipping the Classroom

Technology for Flipping the Classroom

I was lucky to have seen this video by John R. Sowash yesterday, shared by a teacher of my PLN.


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