The Best Part of Teaching

What do I love most about teaching?

When learning is happening and I can perceive it.

Witnessing how students challenge themselves to improve, and seek some joy in doing so is one of the most rewarding moments of teaching. It is something that might happen on a daily basis, or maybe not as often as desired some years, but it pays off all the preparation and training.

When learning is happening and I can grade it.

I love it when final exams are done and the student obtains their certificate of the level they have accomplished. Who knows? This might even change their lives, they may get better study or job opportunities. In fact, many students work really hard to get it. So it very satisfying when I can contribute.

The  community that is built in a classroom.

This is definitely one of the things I enjoy most about my job. It starts on very first day of class and evolves throughout the year. It is never the same and it is unpredictable how the relationships will be constructed. But there is a certain magic that happens when a group of people from diverse backgrounds, age and interests start connecting and share experiences. Little by little, they build the perfect environment to trigger love for coooperating and learning together.  I don’t think it is only a question of luck, though. These “learning communities” have their own disticntive nature but are usually based on respect, empathy and an open mind. When these three things converge in a classroom, only wonderful things can happen and make every second count.


5 thoughts on “The Best Part of Teaching

  1. I totally agree with you!!
    And, more, when as a student (I am a student and I will always be) you can see how the teacher is involved in your learning and how the same teacher is delighted with your improvements, all the effort you have done to attend classes worth their value. You are a great teacher!, I can say that. Please go on correcting my mistakes!!!


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