Day 11 The Best Part of the School Day

As usual during this blogging challenge, the prompts are making me stop to think about aspects of my teaching activity that I had never really bothered to think about before. So, here I am, going through my daily life at school and trying to identify, not only the good parts, but the one that stands out among the rest. Such a difficult task!

There are great moments during the day that would certainly enter my TOP 3 on a list:  having a coffee with a colleague, the laughter and the fun in class, or the thrill just before you get into the classroom with something new. But there is one sound that is invading my thoughts right now and makes a great tune for my number one: the school bell. Surely, the bell ringing at the end of day is a  fine moment for me.

I know it may sound puzzling, but I have a couple of strong reasons apart from the obvious “a hard day’s work is done, and it’s time to rest (which doesn’t necessarily happen, anyway)”. It’s because even on a good day, the sense of satisfaction and relief are not that easily felt when the classroom is a hive of activity; you really need to pause sometimes and separate yourself from what is going on in order to appreciate how influential an event can be in your life.

At work I spend most of the time rushing up and down the stairs, chatting here, meeting somebody there, monitoring the students and trying not to lose track of anything. In the hurry to get everything done, I may not be fully aware that it is happening: that something is working, and that I am lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people, great professionals, and willing learners.

When the bell rings, all the activity slows down, and students get ready to leave. I tidy my desk, and silence gradually takes over in the classroom. And it is at that moment, just before I switch off the lights, that I sometimes find myself thinking “Wow! Aren’t you a lucky devil? Tomorrow…more!”

2 thoughts on “Day 11 The Best Part of the School Day

  1. Oh!!, yes, I can understand what you are saying about finishing your classes and taking your time to think and see what you have done. However, from my student point of view the best part of the school day just begins when the bell rings, I enter the class and ask myself, well, let`s see what I am going to learn today!! One small thing, one word or expression everyday mean almost 200 different things all year round. Can you imagine what does it mean for a thrilling student?


    • Really nice insight, Carmen. It is very encouraging when students attend the class with such energy and motivation. It influences the whole class.
      Truth is, it is not always like that but it is good to know that it has had some effect in somebody.
      Thanks again for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!


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