Day 12 In Five Years’ Time I Will…

I remember when I used to fantasize about the future and look into it 30 or 40 years ahead. It was like imagining a science fiction film with its futuristic setting and flying cars. Well, trying to imagine what my life in the classroom will be like in five years’ time feels a little bit like science fiction to me. Everything is changing so quickly nowadays.

A little exagerating, you might think; after all, I don’t really expect my career to change that much. I’m very likely to go on teaching English at a school of languages, probably different levels, and maybe adapting to some minor changes in assessment or in testing. Who knows?  I mean, I don’t really think my students’ profile will vary significantly in five years. Also, the general context where I teach is unlikely to suffer much transformation.

But it is still difficult for me now to figure what I will be doing then, because I’m right in the middle -or beginning- of a forever changing journey, promoted by the constant release of edtech tools, connections and experiences that are shaping which direction to take, I would say, at breakneck speed.

I feel really lucky to be developping a PD scheme that is allowing me to go through all these experiences because they are opening the doors to unexpected new opportunities. For instance, I would have never guessed only a month ago that I would be reflecting so much on my teaching experience, and every day! But I am. And it will have an effect in the short run. I know that.

However, If I were to point out a couple of tangible predictions, there are two things that I expect will happen by 2019. I think the blogging community with my students will have consolidated (most likely it will have developped) and flipping the classroom should be perceived as something more familiar by then.

More changes are to come, but I am sure it can only get better.

One thought on “Day 12 In Five Years’ Time I Will…

  1. Don`t worry.
    I am sure you will be successful. In fact, you are now. All your efforts are being rewarded for the thankfulness of your students (mine, at least).


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