Day 13 -Top Edtech Tools

My picks for today’s prompt “Name the top edtech tools that you use on a consistent basis in the classroom, and rank them in terms of their perceived effectiveness


It is an essential tool in my PD. Microblogging is an engaging way to create a sense of community. We used it for microblogging and shared ideas and documents about the topics we were dealing with in class. The students have the chance of even building their own personal learning network, which is something I am very interested in promoting in class.


Perfect for providing an authentic environment for developping writing skills and sharing ideas.


Essential for language learners. Millions of authentic listening opportunities available.


Great classroom tool for proposing entertaining and challenging activities. It has the power of transforming the traditional physical characteristics of a classroom.


I must admit it may not by my favourite tool but I cannot deny it is the one that has problably had the greatest impact in my classroom. Learners feel comfortable accessing content on a closed institutional system where they know their data is protected. It caters for a great deal of relevant actions: from informing, creating quizzes, to assessing.

It is curious how this post summarises where I am in the edtech world right now. As I am about to change a few things, I wonder what this post will look like this time next year…

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