If I Could Have One Superpower

Day 16 Teachthought reflectiveteacher challenge
If you could have one superpower to use in the classroom, what would it be and how would it help?

So, it’s about superpowers today… I can even hear imagination clipping its wings! It is funny, but I have used ths prompt myself on several occasions in the classroom for students to answer, but it is the first time I ever think about having a superpower myself. Not in class, I mean.

My choice is clear:

It would have to be something that allowed me to walk around the class unnoticed.  Not that I am too nosy or anything, but sometimes students do perform differently when I am around. I can tell that when I am not right next to them, they are less hesitant and engage without so much control.  After all, they know they are being observed…by their teacher. It is natural, I suppose. They are probably expecting me to correct them at some point. No wonder they sound less fluent than they are.

That is why I have developed a habit of listening from a certain distance, at least for a little while, until they are comfortable with the speaking activity and are slightly carried away by the conversation.

So, my first choice was to have super hearing, just like the bionic woman. But then I suddenly imagined myself wandering about the room staring into space and looking really concentrated. It sounds a bit weird.

That ‘s why my final choice is invisibility straightaway. Just a couple of minutes now and then. Let the students take control of the class, of what they say and how.

But I’d still be there listening, and getting a better insight as to how they manage on their own.



2 thoughts on “If I Could Have One Superpower

  1. Well, the main problem when speaking in class is that, quite frequently, we don`t actually know what to say about the topic. Sometimes, when we finish the activity and you summarize what you have heard I, for example, realize that people in class different from my partner at this particular activity have a different and interesting point of view. If I had been talking to them I could have shared my ideas with them. So, from this perspective, I would have chosen an open discussion. What is the problem of this type of discussion? If the theacher does not moderate the speech, only those more confident students will speak. But you can randomnly ask everybody, depending, of course, on the number of students in class. I am a talkactive student but I usually wait until other students speak because I am also a teacher (I am a professor at the university) and I am well aware of the problem of monopolizing the discussion.

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