We’re On a Roll

This is an activity I had been planning to do for some years. But it wasn’t until this school year that I decided to give it a try.
Our classroom is a shared space by many teachers throughout the day, and even different languages sometimes, so I had not felt as if I had the right to use a part of the walls only for oursleves. But I was obviously wrong.
I think it is very helpful to have our own wall or noticeboard with the things that are important for our learning. To me it all boils down to the idea that what happens in class may stay in a student’s memory somehow, but I’m really attracted by the power of the written word, and how the experiences in class can create collective memories if they are recorded somewhere in the class.
It was just as important to me that students became the main producers of what is shown on the wall. For instance, they are the ones who choose the “words that will stick”. After a couple of lessons they will write down on a sticky note a word they think should be on the wall, because of its relevant meaning, or whatever. The criterion will depend on them.
After a few weeks those words will be the main material for games for revising vocaulary (practising them again in context and their collocations).
Other sections on our wall are “events” where I’ll announce microblogging opportunities or skype sessions. Also, the learners who tell stories and teach us something about themselves will have their space, too.
In my teaching context it makes a lot of sense and it is looking better everyday.

One Click Closer

words that will stickThis classroom of ours is full of life this year and there are plenty spaces for students to post ideas, experiences, stories and words.

One of the sections on our classroom noticeboard is Words That Will Stick, where students will write on a sticky note a word they found interesting because of its meaning or how it sounds, etc. I couldn’t help taking a picture of some of the words that were chosen last week. Can you guess why?

The definition of to be on a rollmight help.

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