Best Aspects of Being a Teacher

DAY 1: What are the best aspects of being a teacher?

I’ve just landed again on Teachthought’s November Blogging challenge, and, although I am already a couple of days behind, I am eager to go on reflecting with other teachers around the globe about things to do with our beautiful and challenging profession: teaching.

Today’s prompt is easy. To me, one of the greatest aspects of being a teacher is the relationships that are established throughout the year with students and fellow teachers. I love how they start, evolve and settle in our memories forever.

I teach in a very unique kind of school. I teach English to adults who are, in theory, highly motivated to learn the language. People from different backgrounds and personalities flock to our classes with the same goal: improve their communicative skills in English. I remember when I started I was, more often than not, the youngest person in the classroom. So, I have learnt almost as much from them than they have from me.

In class we talk about ourselves and share things that are important to us. Some people are obviously more open than others, many couldn’t care less about it. But, in the end, we all end up creating a bond after all the time we spend just speaking.

I feel very lucky to be teaching in this kind of context because I have taught some extraordinary students throughout the years; people who I admire for many different reasons: their outlook towards life, their sense of humour. 0r the effort they make to come to class.

I also take pride in having made some friendships, too.

On top of all of this, I simply love teaching English and enjoy seeing every little progress.



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