The Nicest Gift

Day 4 November Blogging Challenge The Nicest Gift You Received

IMG_20141104_130525As teachers, it’s true we might occasionally get a gift and I have always felt extremely grateful for that. It is very touching when a group of students have stopped to think about something that will make you happy, just out of the blue.

The simple fact of them taking their time to do some baking or craft is so moving that it is hard not to get too emotional when it happens. I keep everything in my “very precious things” box, and they’re all very dear to me.

But on this post I wanted to talk about something curious that has happened to me regarding gifts and presents.

For some reason I have often received sweet boxes (in Spanish, “bomboneras” ). I don’t get that many presents, so four is certainly above average! The one in the picture is a beautiful glassblown jar that two students gave to me after my first year teaching. I find it very amusing because I don’t think they are the commonest gift in the world, at least not in Spain, but for some funny coincidence I have four at home, all of them from students from different schools, age groups and interests.

Why sweet boxes? (I’m the kind of person who gets very fishy about coincidences…) It is not an object we talk about in class  (I can’t remember it ever being part of a lesson) and it isn’t necessarily connected to English speaking countries.

Whatever the connection, I am very thankful for the sweet boxes, which have a special place in my house. Just as grateful as I m for every single gift, pie, wink and smile. And sweet boxes can only but remind of Sarah Louise Delany’s quote: “It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all”




2 thoughts on “The Nicest Gift

  1. What beautiful and special gifts Anabel! Loved reading this. Every time we’re given a gift it has special memories attached that we never lose. Thank you for being part of the blogging challenge! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Justine 🙂


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