Moving, Keep on Moving…

Day 3. What are you most proud of to date in your teaching career?

This is a difficult prompt for me to answer. I think this time I really won’t be able to point out one single event, as being the one I take pride in more than others.

I often hear teachers say that their pride dwells in knowing they are making an important contribution in somebody’s life. … But quite frankly, I am not sure my teaching career has had such a serious impact on anyone’s life beyond learning a little more of a language. Because really, the main activators are the learners themselves. So, if I had to be proud of anything at all, it would be of all the students who have trusted in me and worked hard to improve every day, making my work worthwhile.

I think it is all the experiences I have had and some projects I been involved in that I am really proud of. They have made me learn a little bit more about myself. Some were very challenging, especially at the beginning.

At a smaller scale, I’m proud of all those classroom experiences that I try to promote, and which have led me where I am now. I mean, there is very little of the teacher I was when I started, and I owe it all to the fact that I’m always moving,trying to change for the better and learning from infamous Mr. Failure, who must turn up for his regular appointment…phew! 😉

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