Involve me and I’ll learn

DAY 6 – Share a quote that has inspired you and say why. November Blogging Challenge


I first came across this quote when I was studying to become a teacher at EOI. It perfectly summarizes many ideas and theories of education and that’s why it was so powerful then, and still is.




4 thoughts on “Involve me and I’ll learn

  1. Hi. There is something called “apprentice pyramid” (or something like this), meaning that you learn 5% of what you hear, 10% of what you read, 20% of what you have look at and hear (audiovisual methodology), 30% of what you are able to prove, 50% of what you can argue, 75% of what you practice and 90% of what you teach. The topic “being involved” implies students`attitude. Even if you are a fantastic teacher but nobody want to be involved you will fail. On the other hand, if you are not so good at teaching but you are enthusiastic and people want to be part of it, you will be more or less successful. What is the best combination? It is easy: the best teacher together with the best students and most motivated!!


    • Hi Carmen. Yes, a very interesting point you made here. In the end, it is the students’ intention that always prevails to make things work. No matter how many resources or chances they have to get involved in experiences that lead to a longer-lasting learning, if they don’t want to step in, and be proactive, the result might be fine, but maybe not that excellent. And I think “excellence” can emerge sometimes. That’s why I like this quote so much.
      This is one of my regular struggles -not only in class: engage learners to perform and experience. But in the end they make their choices. And I think I am just starting to accept it…
      However, the quote has always worked with me anyway, whenever I have learnt anything. That’s why I am so obsessed about experiencing things and trying.


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