Putting learners in the driving seat

I was really pleased to have taken part in this memorable TESOL SPAIN National Convention held in Elche.

I had never before spoken in a training event like this, and despite all the nerves and fears it turned out to be a truly wonderful experience. I had the chance to meet and listen to many ELT professionals I knew and followed online, and I was lucky to have met many like-minded teachers I hope to keep in touch with.

Thank you to all the TESOL Board members and organizers for giving me the opportunity to share some of my classroom experiences at the convention.

My talk was about student involvement: Putting Learners in the Driving Seat.

Some of the work I referred to in my talk is available in these blogposts:

Building Vocabulary: 1) The Post-it 2) Helping it Stick

Examples from quizlet:House and Furniture, Classroom language

Examples from padlet:Verb patterns.

Examples of collaborative work: My town, Shopping, Tips for language learning

Celebrating learning:

I always collect everything I do in class and post the pictures and summary in an animated video that I play on the last day, and share with them via email or on our LMS. In the past I would use google slideshows, but I’ve become very fond of using POWTOON, a very easy-to-use tool to create presentations and animated videos.

2 thoughts on “Putting learners in the driving seat

  1. Hi Anabel,

    I just wanted to say that I’m really glad your talk went well and you enjoyed the conference. I really liked watching your video and hearing you speak – you sound so enthusiastic about your topic! And thanks for sharing the links to the activities – I think your students really get to be active in your classes.
    Re post its, I remember at the BELTA Day conference in 2015 there was a workshop on how to use post its in class. It was full of simple yet effective ideas and we all (the teachers) enjoyed it hugely. I’m sure the students would too.

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    • Thanks Vedrana, you are so kind. Yes, the talk went really well and I felt very comfortable.
      On this post I only shared some of the results of classroom collaboration that I happen to have online, but I’d like to find some time to write a post or two about how I manage the class to get them done: how students prepare it, do activities in small groups to consolidate and prepare the language they’ll need and help eachother. In fact, the posters or videos are not really the most important thing in the end, it’s all about the language they practise,and the new roles they adopt that make a difference in their learning.
      And yes, post-its have become such a useful tool! They can give place to really memorable experiences in class.
      Thanks again for stopping by, Vedrana!

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